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Special Set: $1999-
Set for all mobile platforms include:
iOs all version (iPhone, iPodTouch, iPad)
Android all version (smartphones & tablets)
Tizen all version (smartphones & tablets)
Blackberry all version (smartphones & tablets)
Bada 1.2, 2.0 (smartphones)
Amazon Kindle Fire all version (tablets)

One price for Set, also included develope, design, publication.

* Offer for simple Application.

Great Deals-One App For All Platforms

Set for TV  - $ 1999

simple app for TV, developing and publishing.. Simple app should have your idea and design.

Set for Vehicles - $ 4999

Simple app for vehicles Ford Corp. And GM Corp. Simple app should have your idea and design.

Set for Smarts&Tablets - $ 1999
Simple app for all iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Bada Phones, Blackberry Phone and Tablets, Tizen Devices, Amazone Kindle Fire Tablets. Simple app should have your idea and design. One price for developing and publication.

About Us

X-colt Studio can implement all your ideas in mobile world. We agree with an idea that only high-quality software can be smart and stable. Therefore we use the latest techniques and approaches, follow time-proven programming strategies, and pay attention to the aesthetic aspect of the software we develop.
We offer publishing services. We provide a broad variety of services. Our goal is to right size the services we deliver, based on the unique needs and business environment of each customer. Specializing in mobile app development, we are dedicated to creation of high quality mobile applications.

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